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CURRENT - from Summer 2024
Dear customers,
I am pleased to announce that I have developed a new concept to meet the exceptionally high demand.

Starting now, I will be offering approximately four theory courses in English every year! These courses, consisting of 14 topics over 7 evenings, are structured in a way that allows for driving lessons between the first and second parts. This ensures a necessary integration between theory and practice both in terms of timing and content!

I am doing my best to accommodate all participants, however, due to limited capacity, I may not be able to provide practical training to all course attendees.
As my specialization lies in "license converters" in English, French and Spanish I can only train novice drivers based on my remaining capacity, especially those who
a) do not understand German sufficiently and
b) wish to complete their training on an automatic gearbox.
After payment of the basic fee for the theory course and for the learning materials (various apps and my books), I am happy to support you in preparing for the theory exam.

If you don't fit into my current capacity schedule, the driving school FAHRFABRIK GmbH is available as a cooperative partner. They will handle the practical training and testing.

Course dates (always from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm):
a) 2024/02: (evening 1-4 from Mon. 02 - Thu. 05 September) + (evening 5-7 from Tue. 08 - Thu. 10 October)
b) 2024/03: (evening 1-4 from Mon. 04 - Thu. 07 September) + (evening 5-7 from Tue. 03 - Thu. 05 October)
All course dates must be attended! Details available upon request at registration.

This prioritization is designed to help both you and me offer my specialization to the best of my ability.
Thank you for your understanding, trust, and patience. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey to obtaining your driver's license.



A 2nd generation family business! Since 1973, first my father and then I have trained students to drive safely, in an collaborative way and in an environmentally conscious manner. The test results of the City Fahrschule Zinke are above average compared to the rest of the country and the TÜV inspectors praise the excellent training.
In the past, almost everyone wanted to have the “Führerschein” on time for their 18th birthday. Now BF17 has prevailed with a positive outcome OR the driving license will only be obtained much later when life circumstances require it. But nowadays that also means: How do I find the time for the project “driving license”?
The City Fahrschule Zinke is a small company - with only one driving instructor: Sandrine Heiskel-Engel (born as Zinke). With me you are in very good hands (see google reviews). I cannot and do not want to offer mass processing. I will plan the course of the training together with you and we will find at least one solution for almost all challenges.

Hello - Good afternoon - Buenos días - Bonjour! I speak fluent German, English, French and Spanish (I'm also currently learning Russian). All communication will be carried out in the desired language offered. During the driving lessons I explain the context to you and leave no questions or uncertainties unanswered. The app for preparing for the theory test is available in the 13 official languages.
I am specialized in international driving students and the application and transfer of valid foreign driving licenses. We'll find out whether all you need is a driving license application (Fahrerlaubnisantrag), a theoretical test, a practical test or both and I'll prepare you accordingly.

Transparency is an important building block for trust. That's why you only get the best tools to reach your goal quickly. You have little time and I know it! In order to make your preparation for the theoretical and practical test as easy as possible, I offer you a state-of-the-art learning app, videos from the test area, a shared driving lesson diary and practical learning books written by me:
I record the routes driven during the driving lessons so that you and I always know where we have already been and which test areas we still have to go to. In your app you can see all services clearly at any time. If you still have any questions, I'm here for you.

Anyone who hasn't driven for a long time and needs refresher driving lessons is just as well taken care of with me as learner drivers who would like to gain some driving experience in traffic before switching from an automatic (VW T-Cross) to a manual car (VW Touran).
Existing electronic helpers are explained and and applied in a useful way. The pitfalls and weaknesses of the systems are also pointed out!
Before the test, you will receive as much training as you need to confidently park, start on hills and merge onto the highway, to name just a few examples. Do you have wishes? I will listen to you and we will create your training plan together.

I will help you with the necessary forms and documents and plan with you your driving lessons, theory lessons and exams together with you. The theory course takes place over 7 evenings (Mon - Fri and Mon - Tue 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.). You no longer have to give up your hobbies for weeks to complete all the lessons. We start the driving lessons after the driver's license application has been completed. Theory and practice are interlinked; Your driving lesson diary and the apps help you keep track. And yes, there is also “homework” that guarantees you quick progress and a greater sense of achievement in your next driving lesson.

For over 20 years, I have been training driving students so that they have fond memories of their time at driving school. My many mnemonics also stick with you for a long time.
You learn best in a trusting environment and I set very high standards for myself! If a learner doesn't understand something, I haven't explained it adequately.
With me, no one needs to be afraid of starting uphill or parking. I will always explain how it works in a calm tone. I'd be happy to do it quite often. And we practice, practice, practice. Also in different ways. Until you get the hook of it. And don't forget: smiling helps! It relaxes the whole body instantly.
My training concept includes a lot of pedagogical skill and empathy. I will accompany you from the first day of registration until your practical exam. Very individual, always friendly and full of energy.

Anyone who is seriously interested in becoming a driving instructor can accompany me in my everyday work to get an impression of this great profession. We'll see if a training contract will result...